31 Days of Food

2017 has been an action-packed year for all those involved in SDG2. As such, the Hub thought it important to take stock of the work and progress made in the last year in food, nutrition and agriculture.

Join us in reflecting back through 31 days of content that will run through the course of December.

Each day we will provide a quote, video or key achievement towards SDG2 as we come to the end of the year.

A set of 7 social media assets will be posted at a time with a full account of the whole campaign in a document at the bottom of the page. Help us celebrate this year's progress and acknowledge the status of SDG2. 

Thursday December 7

A Year of Action- @TheGlobalGoals team created a video summarizing key events in #Nutrition this year. #31DaysOfFood #FoodIsLife #ThrowbackThursday https://youtu.be/VQ6ktVWJWsE

A Year In Nutrition Video

Friday December 8

COP23 placed #climatechange at the heart of global diplomacy, creating a space to discuss #Agriculture & #Food http://bit.ly/2ANcJx0 @COP23 #31DaysOfFood #FoodIsLife

COP23 Climate Change Discussion

Saturday December 9

 Green Chef @ArthurPottsD operates minimum waste kitchens https://youtu.be/eJ89At9Xxws & helps contribute to #SDGs with the #ChefsManifesto Check out Arthur’s #WinterEats #31DaysOfFood #FoodIsLife

Arthur Potts Dawson Recipe Part 1

Arthur Potts Dawson Recipe Part 2

Sunday December 10

In #BurkinaFaso @selfhelpafrica runs a climate-smart #agriculture initiative. Learn about similar initiatives at http://bit.ly/2ANcJx0 #31DaysOfFood #FoodIsLife

Self Help Africa as Climate-Smart Agriculture Initiative

Monday December 11

Ban Ki Moon, founder of @ZeroHunger Challenge, highlights the link between #Nutrition and development with motto: “transform food systems to transform the world” #31DaysOfFood #FoodIsLife

Ban Ki Moon Quote

Tuesday December 12 

Limited rainfall & low river water levels in #Somalia have resulted in crop failures, water shortages & increased food prices. 800,000 Somali people at risk of famine #SDG2 #31DaysOfFood #FoodIsLife

Somalia Nutrition Update

Wednesday December 13

The Grandmother Project by @WorldVision shows grandmothers as agents of positive change & improved #Nutrition #31DaysOfFood #FoodIsLife #WednesdayWisdom https://youtu.be/mTdC5tdyz9A

The Grandmother Project

Thursday December 14 

Asia-Pacific @EATforum helped to facilitate collaboration to fix the planet’s broken food system. Key takeaways of event:  http://bit.ly/2iy7aeN #31DaysOfFood #FoodIsLife #ThrowbackThursday

Asia-Pacific EAT Forum in Jakarta

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