31 Days of Food

To drive SDG2 action in 2019, the Hub has created a social kit that reviews highlights from 2018 and calls attention to upcoming SDG2 moments. This social kit includes 31 social tiles that underline key moments in agriculture, nutrition and food with accompanying drafted social media messaging. Please share this content across social media platforms. 

Day 19: 

At #COP24, @WorldBank @CGIARclimate & @CIAT_ highlighted best bet approaches to climate-smart #ag investments. Top of their list? 
Delivering training & knowledge on climate-smart #ag https://bit.ly/2QPtVgN #FoodIsLife 

Climate-Smart ag strategies

Day 20: 

In 2018, #chef action for the #SDGs took place in Johannesburg, Copenhagen, New Delhi, New York & many more. Watch this space for 2019 action! #ChefsManifesto #FoodIsLife 

Chef action in 2018

Day 21: 

Great in a stew, nutrient-packed pumpkin leaves are eaten across the African continent. Not only delicious, this super food also helps deliver good #nutrition #FoodIsLife @FundNutrition 

pumpkin leaves

Day 22: 

Can consumer-oriented policies drive a sustainable, inclusive & nutritious food future? Key takeaways from #TastingIndia: https://bit.ly/2QQdstz #FoodIsLife

Tasting India

Day 23: 

Currently only 12 #crops provide 80% of our calories. @CropTrust & @BiodiversityInt #CFS side event called for action to promote #agrobiodiversity #FoodIsLife 


Day 24: 

“I have met many people who worry about #food, but they often ask for help peace. It’s easy to see why, 10 /13 of the largest #hunger crises in the world are #conflict-driven.” -David Beasley @WFPChief #FoodIsLife

UNSC Resolution

Day 25: 

Changes in #climate are undermining: 
🚜Food production
👩🌾Farmers’ livelihoods
🍲Food + nutrition security
#SOFI2018 #FoodIsLife 

Climate changes on ag