Chefs join #TogetherAtHome

Check out this brief to host your own #TogetherAtHome.

This week, the Chefs' Manifesto is joining #TogetherAtHome, a virtual series initiated by Global Citizen helping raise awareness and action to support the great work of the World Health Organisation and the fight against COVID-19. The SDG2 Hub is working with chefs around the world are helping to encourage people to stay home and practice social distancing - the most important thing we can all do to beat coronavirus- and talking about the power of food to connect us and keep us healthy.  Through Instagram Lives, chefs are sharing delicious kid friendly, cupboard recipes and their tips for fermentation alongside artists Chris Martin and John Legend, to name a few. 

Join us! Here's how: 


Film a short 40 minute cooking video with this suggested run of show: 

5 - 10 mins - Set up/introduction 

  • Introduce yourself and your focus (food waste, livelihoods). Try to mention Chefs' Manifesto if possible, maybe give a shoutout to Chefs' Manifesto podcast. 
  • Where are you? How is the coronavirus impacting you? How are chefs responding? 

20 mins - Chef talking through recipe 

5 mins -  Expert, spokesperson from NGO or local actor (farmer etc.) talking to what they’re doing on coronavirus, how this is impacting food systems etc.

5 min - Call to action

Check out these steps to help set up for #TogetherAtHome IG Live. 



These are they key messages you need to get across: 

  • #TogetherAtHome with Global Citizen is helping to raise awareness and action to support the great work of WHO and the fight against the Coronavirus  
  • Excited to join #TogetherAtHome series and highlight how we can all support global health. Practicing social distancing is the most important thing we can all do. Please be responsible and stay at home! 
  • If you want to find further ways to help out & offer support, head to 
  • I'm advocating for good food for all at this critical time. 
  • As a chef, I’m seeing the impact of the coronavirus on food and food systems with restaurants closing, empty supermarket shelves and farmers not knowing what to do with extra produce. Making sure everyone has good food, especially now for healthy people, is key. Good food starts with farmers, it’s nutritious and saves lives. 



Find below resources for download to promote and raise profile of #TogetherAtHome.  

Accounts to tag: @WHO @glblctzn @chefsmanifesto 

Hashtags: #TogetherAtHome #ChefsManifesto



This week's #TogetherAtHome cooking sessions include: 

lorna Michael megha  
ale deri Justin
Arthur manal ale
rudolph Ali


Interested in joining? Sign up for a slot here! Check out this brief to host your own #TogetherAtHome.