Tokyo Nutrition for Growth 2020 Summit

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Nutrition for Growth (N4G) is a global pledging moment, driving greater action toward ending malnutrition. At the upcoming Tokyo N4G Summit 2020 in December hosted by the Government of Japan, leaders from governments, the donor community, civil society, the private sector, and other sectors will come together to secure new pledges focusing on food, diets (food systems), and resilience to transform how the world addresses nutrition and drive progress toward the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). 

Without global nutrition commitments, we could see a back slide on nutrition. 

What is N4G? 

The first N4G Summit was held by the UK Government alongside the 2013 London Olympics – a symbol of health, strength, and human capital. The 2013 Summit gathered 100 stakeholders who announced new pledges of USD $4 billion for nutrition-specific projects and USD $19 billion for nutrition-sensitive projects. This set a precedent for coordinated and impactful commitments on nutrition from governments, donors, civil society, and the private sector. 

Nutrition fuels our ambitions – for children to go to school ready to learn & go on to better jobs.
Nutrition fuels our health – providing the foundation for our well-being & that of future generations.
Nutrition fuels our progress – investing in our brainpower means a more productive workforce & thriving economies.
Nutrition fuels the SDGs – averting malnutrition will help achieve 12 of the Global Goals and help create a healthy, prosperous, and stable world in which no one is left behind.

Learn more about political and financial commitments past N4G Summits have generated and access the latest accountability data via the N4G commitment tracking tool.

What's next?

Carrying the torch, the Government of Japan will host the next N4G Summit following the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. The Summit comes at a critical time: 2020 marks the expiration of the N4G Summit 2013 pledges, the 10-year countdown to achieve the SDGs, and; five years to achieve the World Health Assembly (WHA) 2025 Nutrition Targets.

Initial 2020 N4G commitments will be announced at the N4G Kick-Off Event at Goalkeepers Tokyo held on 23 July 2020 at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s Tokyo Goalkeepers House on the eve of the Tokyo Olympics. The event will act as a springboard to the official Summit in December and be framed within a broader agenda to raise awareness of and drive action toward SDGs 1-6.

The Summit in December will be attended by leadership from the Government of Japan and several hundred stakeholders.

Read here a thought leadership piece by Emi Inaoka who leads N4G process for Government of Japan.

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What does 2020 N4G mean for SDG2?

An integrated approach across agriculture, nutrition, and food systems is needed to ensure that everyone has access to healthy, affordable foods. We also need to better communicate the vital role of farmers and support them to produce nutritious foods that powers people and economies and makes all other progress possible.Without this integration, we won’t see the system changes we need or get SDG2 back on track.

tableN4G is one of several key moments in 2020 to drive this needed progress. With the themes Health, Diets (food systems), and Resilience, the upcoming N4G Summit closely aligns with the goals of SDG2 and provides an opportunity to collaborate across sectors and bring new actors to the table to help drive progress on nutrition, SDG2, and the Global Goals. 

N4G also fits within a larger compendium of activities taking place in 2020: June’s SDG2 Momentum event, the Global Agriculture and Food Security Program (GAFSP) replenishment and the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) replenishment. These events will create a drum beat that drives increased investments and energy for SDG2 that will culminate at the UN Food Systems Summit 2021.

To support advocacy across these moments, the SDG2 Hub community will develop resources to equip advocates with key messages and proof points, linking nutrition with other sectors and communities.

Together, we can ensure individuals and families have the nutrition they need to live healthy and productive lives—and that countries have the human capital they need to fuel health, social and economic development in the final decade of the SDGs.

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