Micronutrient Forum Global Conference 2020: Building New Evidence and Alliances for Improving Nutrition

Food systems are the heart of determining what people eat. Micronutrients are a the heart of the potential of food systems to deliver optimal health. While the 2020 Micronutrient Forum conference will continue to cover the broad spectrum of micronutrients form the research, program and policy perspectives, it will, in addition, take a deep dive into how micronutrients might be optimised and protected within food systems. 

The Forum aims to develop new alliances across the food system. It invites and encourages participation from colleagues throughout the food value chain, including agriculture, manufacturing, processing and distribution, retail and culinary. 

Discussions will take place across 4 stimulating tracks: 

  • Micronutrient biology and status assessment 
  • Efficacy and safety of micronutrient interventions
  • Program effectiveness 
  • Designing an enabling environment for micronutrients 

Location: Bangkok International Trade and Exhibition Centre (BITEC), Bangkok, Thailand