Chefs gather to discuss global manifesto

On 3rd November, set amongst the terraced rooftops of Milan, Italy, chefs from around the world gathered together with representatives from Unilever, Oxfam US, Global Citizen and the World Food Programme to discuss next steps towards eradicating global hunger.

Using the United Nation's 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as a framework, chefs, together with food industry leaders, have been instrumental in developing a Chefs’ Manifesto. The Chefs’ Manifesto is designed as a matrix for chefs globally to advocate for a more sustainable food system, on behalf of those most vulnerable to poverty and hunger. The event attracted chefs from England, Venezuela, India, America, New Zealand, Italy, and Cameroon, to debate and discuss critical aspects of the Manifesto action plan.

Chefs gather at the event in Milan

Empowering female chefs and farmers

The role female chefs and smallholders farmers can play in shaping a better food system was a critical part of discussions. Recognition and education of women in the food industry was emphasised, as well as ideas on how to encourage stronger participation from female chefs and how to harness the influence women have in shifting attitudes towards nutrition and farming practices.

Chefs in discussion

Educating chefs

Attendees emphasised the importance of education amongst chefs globally when it comes to sustainable, nutritious cooking practices. The development of a global platform to provide information on the importance of sustainable, nutritious practices, was discussed.

Chefs at the event

The role of the private sector

Debate about how best to engage and partner with the private sector to improve their practices was also part of the workshop, as well as the influence chefs have over the supply chain. All of the ideas, suggestions and critiques provided will continue to shape the Chefs’ Manifesto Action Plan that is in draft still prior to its global publication.

Please see more about the Chefs' Manifesto. Or join our community as we finalise the action plan.