Collaboration showcasing locally sourced, seasonal ingredients

Chefs from multiple destinations gathered together last Tuesday for a unique collaboration, to contribute to the United Nations Global Goals with a focus on Sustainable Development Goal 2. Creating a meal to showcase locally sourced, seasonal ingredients, Arthur Potts-Dawson led the culinary team, drawing on their individual expertise.


Working together, respecting and acknowledging one another’s gifts and talents, chefs from Ireland, U.K, Canada, and America partnered alongside one another to produce artistic, delicious, and sustainable dishes. Donating their time to participate, the chef’s comradery was evident as they spent several hours cooking dishes of their choosing.


The focus of the dinner was to draw together chefs from around the world, as well as representatives from related Hub Partners such as World Chefs, the Sustainable Restaurant Association, the World Food Programme, Global Citizen, Unilever, Electrolux and Y Food. Sharing together over several hours, individuals were able to discuss their own personal sustainability efforts. The conversation was then directed towards the complexities involved in eradicating world hunger. The general consensus amongst chefs and industry bodies present, was that to eradicate world hunger, all nations must adopt sustainable eating practices immediately. The excitement was palpable, as many individuals realised the power they have to enact social change, through their own restaurants and businesses.


Paul Newnham from the SDG2Advocacyhub, spear-headed the evening. Mr. Newnham believes that if chefs and industry leaders can use their current platforms to vocalise a message of sustainable, healthy eating, we can begin to shift existing patterns which see too much waste of food products, not enough sourcing of locally produced ingredients, diets heavy in meat, and too much over-consumption. It is his belief that it isn’t until we can change the current consumerist mentality, that food can be more equally distributed throughout the world. “We must tackle world hunger from multiple levels, at every level of society. By engaging with chefs, and encouraging them to promote sustainable eating practices through their menus, social media and various other forums, we have an opportunity to enact real social change amongst the general populous”.


Karen and Lekhu Leason, generously donated the use of Omved Gardens to host the fabulous dinner. Omved Gardens is located in Highgate, North London. It has been designed and created as a space to connect food and creativity. For more information about Omved visit

The Dinner was followed by an all day workshop to draft an action plan including feedback from close to 100 chefs from over 35 countries.

Photos by Hermione McCosh, Forest Film