Global Nutrition Summit 2017: Milan

The 2017 Global Nutrition Summit, which took place on 4th November, provided an opportunity for global and national actors to evaluate their progress towards global nutrition goals. Following on from London’s 2013 Nutrition for Growth conference, the summit aimed to see what had been achieved since pledges outlined in 2013- namely $4 billion pledged for nutrition-specific projects and a further $19 billion for nutrition-sensitive projects. The summit confirmed that it is meeting all commitments made in London with £575 million on nutrition-specific programmes and are half way to the goal of reaching 50 million people by 2020.

Global Nutrition Summit

The 2017 Global Nutrition Report was launched as part of this event and this year’s summit raised and discussed three emerging topics in the global nutrition debate:

Improving nutrition with planetary boundaries

  • Closing the Nutrition Gender Gap

Closing the nutrition gender gap

  • The Future We Want: Transforming our food systems for improved nutrition

The future we want

The summit also screened the video “Our Nutrition, Our Films” by Save the Children, which documents the realities of malnutrition on adolescents in Nigeria and Bangladesh. As part of the screening, young people shared their views on the role that political leaders can play in improving their nutritional status and livelihoods. Previously overlooked in discussions around nutrition, adolescents are using this video to communicate their views with world leaders. Their input is key to preventing malnutrition from passing to the next generation.

Watch the longer version of the film.

Furthermore, governments, civil society organizations, multilateral agencies, private foundations and companies made new important pledges for the achievement of global nutrition goals. Overall the summit facilitated pledges of US$3.4 billion for nutrition; $640 million of which were new commitments. This figure can be broken down as follows:

  • $640 million in new funding announced- philanthropies in India and Nigeria pledge $150 mill
  • International NGOs and World Bank pledge to spend $1.1 billion and $1.7 billion respectively on nutrition by 2020
  • Governments of Cote d’Ivoire, El Salvador and Madagascar committed to expand reach of national nutrition programmes
  • US$100 million pledged by the Eleanor Crook Foundation by 2030 to focus on research, capacity building, advocacy for nutrition
  • Up to 100 million Swiss Francs (US$100 million) over five years from Family Larsson-Rosenquist Foundation
  • US$100 million over five years from Aliko Dangote Foundation
  • US$50 million over five years from Tata Trusts
  • US$33 million pledged by King Philanthropies in 2017
  • US$150 million over five years  from The Power of Nutrition
  • Chaudhary Foundation committed to reaching 1 million vulnerable people with nutrition and health interventions over next five years in Nepal.

The strengthened commitment to tackle malnutrition achieved at this summit comes at an important time as global hunger is on the rise for the first time in a decade. The funding raised will make a significant difference to the fight to tackle malnutrition.

Global Nutrition Summit

The event finished with an evening reception focused on the Chefs' Manifesto, where chefs from around the world spoke passionately about nutrition, taste and how this new platform will allow them to combine their work with themes addressed at the summit. The initiative aims to highlight new and influential voices in the fight against malnutrition. 

As part of the summit, a new film: 'The food that made me,' aired for the first time. The film, which is part of a campaign by Global Citizen to promote good nutrition for health and development, asks people to advocate for commitment and action to make progress towards SDG2.

Film: The food that made me



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