Meet the SDG2 Hub Secretariat Team

With just over 10 years to 2030, everyone-- private sector, government, UN agencies and civil society-- must do their part if we are to achieve a sustainable future for all people and the planet. To this end, the SDG2 Advocacy Hub offers a new way of working that engages this diverse group of actors to share expertise and ideas to collaborate on shared campaigns and thus increase our overall impact as a community of influencers. 

With a team of three, the Secretariat supports the SDG2 Advocacy Hub community through day to day activities that aim to coordinate global campaigning and advocacy on SDG2. The SDG2 Hub’s calendaraction pagesnews pages and monthly newsletters help to amplify on-going SDG2 work and identify common areas of work between food, agriculture and nutrition for joint advocacy and action. 

Additionally, the SDG2 Hub works to introduce new, disruptive actors into the SDG2 space to engage wider audiences and effect greater change. One such actor thus far has been chefs through the Chefs’ Manifesto—a chef-led network that brings together 310 chefs from around the world to explore how they can help deliver a sustainable food system that’s good for people and planet.  

SDG2 team


As Director of the Secretariat, Paul Newnham leads the Secretariat in executing its agreed work plan, advocating on behalf of the SDG2 Hub and expanding its growing membership, and managing direction of the Secretariat day to day. Paul has 15 years experience at World Vision International where he was responsible for campaigning, advocacy, communications and youth mobilisation. He lead the way with a new and innovative approach to tackling and communicating issues connected to hunger, which had a focus on youth and livelihoods in East Africa. This approach sought to bridge the divide between programmes and mobilisation and was subsequently implemented in several countries. Get in touch with Paul:

?:   twitter: @paulnewnham

Charlotte Masiello-Riome serves as the Manager of Policy & Advocacy in the SDG2 Hub’s Secretariat, working to analyse policy opportunities to focus action on SDG2 priorities as well as support the growing SDG2 network of advocates. Charlotte has over twenty years' experience developing high-level multi-lingual advocacy and communication strategies within the UN, governments, private sector and civil society. Charlotte most recently served on the European management team for the Pew Charitable Trusts, where she oversaw all aspects of Pew's communications, public affairs and media in Europe.Get in touch with Charlotte: 

?:   twitter@Masiellorc

Former Advocacy Intern turned Team Support Coordinator, Rosie Cowper has a BA International Relations and Development from University of Sussex and a MSc in Public Health from the University of Sheffield. In her role at the SDG2 Hub Secretariat, Rosie helps to curate content showcasing SDG2 initiatives and campaigns and amplify this work through the SDG2 Advocacy Hub social media platforms. Get in touch with Rosie: