Refettorio Felix: local action for a better food future

Alongside staff and volunteers, the Chefs’ Manifesto team joined the lunch time service at a Refettorio Felix at St Cuthbert’s. Led by Chef Merlin, first timers Chef Mary Sue, Chef Michael and Chef George prepared a delicious multi-course meal for people in need from food that would otherwise go to waste.

Founded by Massimo Bottura’s non-profit organization Food for Soul, Refettorio Felix is a community kitchen that fights food waste and promotes social inclusion. Not only serving 1,100 meals each month, the project helps to recover 1,2980 kilograms of food each month. 


Beyond the numbers, Refettorio Felix establishes a safe space for a community to thrive around good, nutritious food. “The gesture of sitting down to a meal and breaking bread together is the first step toward rebuilding dignity and creating community,” says Massimo Bottura. 

Delivered by The Felix Project, surplus, beautiful ingredients were unloaded by the team of excited chefs, among them crates of aubergine, berries, purple and orange carrots, rhubarb, sweet potatoes and mushrooms. 


After four hours of dicing and chargrilling, the first of the guests arrived at St Cutherbert’s, peeping their heads into the kitchen to check out today’s menu of a creamy mushroom soup; sweet potato and aubergine Moroccan stew; carrots with a herb pesto; and a rhubarb upside down cake. 


This hearty and wholesome plant-based meal was well received by this London community. Safe, nutritious food should be accessible to all people, everywhere. But an estimated 821 million people around the world are hungry while 1.3 billion tons of edible food is wasted each year. Everyone has a role to play in tackling this global paradox. Initiatives like Refettorio Felix showcase the importance of local action to ensure a better food future.