Sustainable Restaurant Association

The Sustainable Restaurant Association is a not-for-profit organisation for food service businesses. We work with our member restaurants to accelerate change toward a more sustainable food system and have created a unique framework (14 key areas) to simplify the complexity of sustainability for the industry. We believe the problems facing our food system are complex and urgent. We believe that every meal served out of home can not only taste good, but do good too. By providing consultancy, training and industry leading benchmarking to the food service sector, we help make that happen. We work with progressive businesses that see this opportunity to do more than just feed.

Food Made Good is the core programme run by the SRA, bringing foodservice businesses and change makers together around key issues of sustainability.

The programme is rooted in the focus areas of the SRA’s Sustainability Framework, and aims to build a community of passionate professionals and consumers working together to make food good for people and the planet.