Chefs' Manifesto: finalist for SDG Action Awards

London Chef Manifesto Workshop

The Chefs' Manifesto has been announced as a finalist of the United Nations SDG Action Awards. The Awards recognize innovative efforts to inspire action on the SDGs to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure prosperity for all. The Award's Winners will be announced on 21 March 2018, during the Global Festival of Action for Sustainable Development in Bonn, Germany (21-23 March 2018). The Awards draw attention to the need to learn from change-makers from across the globe and celebrate impactful and innovative achievements contributing to the global sustainable development movement.

The first edition received over 740 nominations from 7 continents and 125 countries, ranging from Zambia to Fiji, from Benin to Norway, from civil society and grassroots initiatives to public sector and municipal government projects, as well as private sector engagements. Finalists are being carefully reviewed by 12 prominent figures within the global SDG community. The Awards recognize initiatives in seven categories: mobilizer, includer, communicator, visualizer, innovator, storyteller and connector. 

Milan Workshop Chefs and Kofi Annan

On The Chefs' Manifesto

In creating an online community and a Chefs’ Manifesto with simple, practical guidance on engaging in the SDGs, we saw an opportunity to amplify existing activity, promote innovation and solutions and empower chefs all over the world to help deliver a more sustainable food system.

Over the last six months, the SDG2 Advocacy Hub has established a community of 130+ chefs from 38 countries who worked together to create a Chefs’ Manifesto. This is a document written by chefs, for chefs, synthesizing the SDGs into 8 thematic areas that chefs are most interested in tackling. The Manifesto is underpinned by an Action Plan which provides practical activities across each thematic area that chefs can take to contribute to the SDGs and inspire others to act.

The initiative will aim to change lives by equipping chefs all over the world with a simple set of actions to contribute to the SDGs and a ‘one stop shop’ where they can access and share information that will help them drive change through their kitchens and in their communities.

Milan Workshop Chefs

Visit the Chefs' Manifesto action page to learn more about and engage this community of chefs contributing to the SDGs. Working together we can help deliver a better food system for all. Join us.

It's possible to vote for the Chefs' Manifesto on its Award's page.

SDG2-relevant finalists:

  • As a reality television and radio series, Shamba Chef shares the experiences of Kenyan women in the kitchen that are common to families across the country, as 80% of the Kenyan population uses polluting fuels for cooking, 35% of Kenyan children are stunted and millions are nutrient deficient.This initiative hopes to inspire Kenyans to make changes to their cooking practices and diets thereby improving the health and well-being of their families.
  • Lead by the City of Ghent, the SDG Voices campaign challenged 6 cities in Belgium to promote awareness about the SDGs and encourage and mobilize Belgians to implement the SDGs in their daily lives. The campaign focused on SDGs 1-5: “Eat massively social” (SDG1.4), “Days without meat” (SDG2.4), “Everyone on the bike” (SDG3.9), “Class marathon” (SDG4a) and “Everybody feminist” (SDG5.5).

A full list of 2018 UN SDG Awards Finalists around found here