Building on Madiba's legacy: good food for all

On the eve of the Mandela 100 Festival, SDG2 advocates gathered for high level dinner titled “Building on Madiba’s Legacy: Ending Hunger and Malnutrition on the African Continent” for a meal curated by the Chefs’ Manifesto team and preview political commitments for SDG2. 

Gerda and Chef Coco

As this year marks 100 years since the birth of Nelson Mandela, SDG2 advocates convened in Johannesburg to call on African governments to continue Mandela’s legacy by building a more nutritious world for everyone. Hosted by Chef Coco and Epicure team, the dinner heard Amina Mohammed, Valerie Guarnieri, C. D. Glin, Jane Napais Lankisa spoke to the importance of nutritious food for a healthy, productive life and the role governments can play to make this a reality for all. 

Epicure team
Photo: @epicure_restaurant

Through the course of the evening, significant political commitments were made to build a more sustainable food future across the African continent. The government of Namibia made a commitment to fully fund its school program for 365,000 pre-primary and primary kids in more than 1,400 schools at a cost of $7M a year.

SDG2 dinner guests
Photo: @epicure_restaurant

The Government General Secretary of Madagascar announced a commitment of USD $40 million towards nutrition over the next three years. 

SDG2 Dinner guests
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C.D. Glin, United States African Development Fund President and CEO, announced a USD $20 million commitment to match the funds of the agricultural budgets of Nigeria, Kenya, Rwanda, and Zambia.

SDG2 Dinner
Photo: @epicure_restaurant

Chefs delivering good food 

In honour of an evening dedicated to the importance of good food, 13 chefs from across the African continent and around the world not only curated a tasty, nutritious meal for the gathered delegates but also added their voice to calls for greater political commitments. In line with the Chefs’ Manifesto, this meal showcased the best of Africa’s regional cuisines and ingredients.

Chef Lorna
Photo: @epicure_restaurant

Cassava Canapes were created by Chef Lerato, drawing inspiration from the central region of Africa. The recipe can be found here. 

Cassava canapés
Photo: @epicure_restaurant

With flavours from the Southern Africa region, Chef Mokgadi and Chef Arthur prepared a dish of samp, beans and amaranth croquette with Baobab sauce. The recipe is available here. Drawing on West African cuisine, Chef Lorna and Chef Michael prepared prawn fish, greens, egusi with plantain and fonio tuile. The recipe can be found here. 

Chefs Manifesto Jo'burg Crew
Photo: @epicure_restaurant

As the evening drew to a close, Deputy-Secretary General Amina Mohammed left us with the following thought: “Let us dig deep after this meal and reflect on what each and every one of you can do toward ending hunger."

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