June Global Gathering for the Chefs’ Manifesto

This June, the London Action Hub will host a Global Chefs’ Manifesto Gathering at Omved Gardens. Hosted by Chef Arthur Potts Dawson and curated by global Manifesto founding members, the June Gathering will be a three-day event for chefs from around the world to come together to cook and share their knowledge, challenges and solutions. 

While still being developed, here is a colourful snapshot of the event to date, highlighting chef action for the Global Goals. Further updates will be added once confirmed. 

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If in town on the 26th, check out this day trip to Kew Gardens. 

Running from the 27th to 29th of June, the event will focus on a range of topics selected by a core group of chefs-- from the importance of biodiversity to alternate proteins, supporting livelihoods between farm and fork to chef advocacy-- and explore how this ladders to SDG success.


The first day will showcase global stories of chef action and profile guest speakers who can share insights in line with the eight areas of the Chefs’ Manifesto.  

First off, chefs from around the world will share their insights on each of the 8 Chefs' Manifesto Areas: 

In addition to this amazing group of chefs, Bee Wilson will lead a session titled The Reinvention of Eating: How Food changed in the modern world and how it can change again and Sandro Demaio will discuss how the EAT-Lancet is relevant and applicable for chefs. 

Over dinner, the London Action Hub welcomes guest speaker Paul Lindley on the topic Little Wins: The Huge Power of Thinking Like a Toddler.



With a more practical, hands on agenda, the second and third days will tease out regional knowledge on pressing food issues through a series of workshops. With chefs travelling from India, Ireland, Kenya, South Africa, Sweden and Switzerland, the attending chefs will share their know-how on everything from fermenting & pickling to the wonders of diverse grains to the story of chocolate. 

Patrick Holden will start the day with a talk on the role of chefs in ensuring that our future food systems operate in the best interests of both planet and its people by sourcing both in terms of the provenance and the nature of the foods which are compatible with sustainable productivity.

This series of deep-dives not only give chefs a flavour of the working happening elsewhere but also creates the opportunity to experiment with new techniques and discuss its implications for alternative contexts. 

Between breakfast, lunch and dinner, chefs will also take part in a number of workshops aimed at strengthening chef advocacy such as social content creation and a coaching session for storytelling. Sessions already confirmed include: 

Tying themes together, Fabrice DeClerck will curate panel discussion Biodiversity & the Future 50 with Rodrigo Barrios from Food Forever 2020 among others to highlight the importance of biodiversity for healthy people and planet. 

To bring this knowledge back into the kitchen, Senior lecturer in culinary arts and food studies Peter Cross will lead session Manifesto to Menu, thinking through how the Chefs' Manifesto's framework can guide the design of meals and menus.

Daniel Vennard and Edwina Hughes from the Better Buying Lab WRI will then share the types of language that gets diners' mouths watering when it comes to naming plant-based dishes with talk The Language of Success: How to Generate Compelling Names for Plant-rich Dishes.


Much of the content from this Global Gathering will be livestreamed so it’s available to a broad audience around the world. 

If interested in attending, please note:

  • Applicants need to apply to join via this RSVP link
  • All attendees are expected to cover their travel and accommodation costs
  • Priority will be given to chefs who are part of the Chefs' Network and diversity to ensure a good range of voices are represented in these conversations

Big thanks to OmVed Gardens for their continued support of the Chefs' Manifesto in London and beyond. 

All photos are taken by Forest Film.