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2020 SDG2 Policy Priorities

Following discussion and feedback, the SDG2 Advocacy Hub community has agreed the following policy priorities for 2020. These policy priorities are to act as a starting point and will be refined and built upon as we move through 2020 towards the UN Food System Summit 2021.  

Each policy priority will have a working group to drive this work forward as well as a knowledge page on the Hub's site that gathers updates, news, resources and case studies for each sub-goal. 


2.1SDG 2.1

Priority: Funding for current emergencies, highlighting links to climate and conflict

Key moments: SOFI Report 2020, UNGA 2020
Audience: Donor countries 
Role of Hub: Amplify and share messages as needed; support lobbying at identified moments through partners
Potential for impact: Raise awareness around key emerges and support sourcing of sufficient funding commitments for response. 


2.2SDG 2.2

Priority: Build momentum for Tokyo 2020 (N4G Summit, 2020 Olympics)

Key moments: WEF20, GNR 2020, WHA, Micronutrient Forum, Chatham House Report. See calendar developed by ICAN. 
Audience: Business, heads of state, CSO, media, academia, parliaments 
Potential for impact: Global stakeholder funding commitments; new policy announcements and new multi-sectoral plans 
Role of Hub: Support coordination of diverse actors engaging in Summit. Amplify Summit through targeted events and content. 



SDG 2.3 & SDG 2.4

Priority: Leveraging agriculture moments like SDG2 Momentum to prioritise the needs of farmers through greater investment in the following holistic ways: Innovation: Building Resilience; Delivery: Empowering Farmers; Data: Measuring Progress. 

Key moments: 8 June SDG2 Momentum in Berlin with GAFSP Replenishment and IFAD Replenishment 
Audience: Donor countries, implementing countries, relevant agencies, private sector

2.4Potential for impact: Funding commitments; awareness of the connected and interrelated partners needed to deliver SDG2.3; funding for data from World Bank.
Role of Hub: Amplify GAFSP and IFAD Replenishments, clarify their complementary scopes of work. Convene and gather partners around SDG2 Momentum. 






2.5SDG 2.5

Priority: Drive action and awareness on biodiversity loss through Food Forever campaign 

Key moments: 2020 UN Biodiversity Summit, Nature Summit
Audience: Global audience of consumers, chefs, farmers, policy-makers
Potential for impact: Drive consumers towards more diverse eating habits; showcase success stories and new diverse food to bring into mainstream 
Role of Hub: Drive engagement in Chefs' Network to have them support and champion alternate ingredients; support coordination and amplify need for investment to protect biodiversity by 2020.