IFAD12 Investment Case


IFADFrom community gardens in central Gambia to leveraging new ag tech in Jiangxi, smallholder farmers around the world are building climate resilience in their fields and improving food security in their communities. Without access to technology, resources, insurance, markets, farmers and rural communities are unable to reach their full potential. 

The International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) has had a large hand in uplifting rural communities and transforming global food systems to achieve the Global Goals.  






About IFAD

IFAD invests in the millions of people who are most at risk of being left behind: poor small-scale producers, women, youth, indigenous peoples and other vulnerable groups. IFAD believes that focusing the extremely poor or and food-insecure in rural communities to increase their resilience and livelihoods is key to reaching the Global Goals. Since its establishment in 1978, IFAD projects have reached an estimated 512 million people across Latin America and the Caribbean, Africa, the Near East, Europe and Asia and the Pacific.


Read IFAD's Investment Case here. Help advocate for IFAD12 Replenishment with this advocacy toolkit.

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