Good Food For All


In 2015, world leaders agreed to 17 Global Goals known as the Sustainable Development Goals or SDGs. These goals have the power to create a better world by 2030, by ending poverty, fighting inequality and addressing the urgency of climate change.

Good food is a foundation for everything, providing the energy needed to fight for this better future for everyone, everywhere.

Without good food, no other progress is possible.



icon 1Good food begins with farmers. It starts with those working on the frontlines of our food system and climate crisis, often under difficult circumstances. These men and women, both large and small-scale farmers, need equal access to tools and resources so they can grow good food.

pillar2Good food is nutritious. From breastmilk to fortified foods, healthy food, that is safe to consume, allows people to prosper and reach their fullest potential.


pillar3Good food saves lives. It is the foundation of a healthy life. Without good food, health and well-being are at risk. It must be affordable and accessible for all.


pillar4Good food is vulnerable to disruption. From climate and conflict. It is in jeopardy every day; when violence starts and peace is threatened, when water rises and rain does not fall, when democracy fails and power shifts – good food is threatened.


pillar5Good food is not always a choice. Billions of people around the world cannot choose good food. It may not be available, affordable, or accessible. Good food needs effective policy & politics, smart technology, fair pricing and a level playing field. Good food needs successful farmers, clean water and healthy soils & seas.


pillar6Good food powers people and economies. It is a positive investment in the next generation, helping children to learn better and keeping them in school. Improving food production and access to nutritious food increases a person, a community and a nation’s productivity and economic growth.


pillar7Good food makes progress possible. It fuels our ability to solve our hardest problems. Only if we are healthy and strong can we hold those in power accountable, fight injustice at all levels and stand up for the vulnerable. We need to be strong, of mind and body, to face the challenges of the new decade. To be at our best we must have good food, first.


pillar8Good food is about love. Love of flavour, health, celebration and adventure. Love of children, friends and family. Love of people and planet. Love of our neighbour and 7 billion others we do not personally know.


The SDGs promise good food, for all.


Join the good food movement!