State of Food Security and Nutrition Report 2017

The world’s new hunger data was announced on Friday 15 September at the media launch of the State of Food Security and Nutrition in the World report.

The data has been compiled by several UN agencies, including FAO, WFP, UNICEF and WHO.

Promoting the report

We are asking SDG2 Advocacy Hub members to help get as many eyes on the report as possible and to help raise awareness of the issues raised by the report that are pertinent to achieving SDG2:

  • The global famines and lack of progress toward SDGs.
  • The link between conflict, climate and hunger.
  • Appeal to new potential members to join the SDG2 conversation.

Below you will find suggested social media posts and assets for your use, as well as a blog post that highlights the work needed to achieve SDG2 in a climate of rising global hunger.

Key Messages

  • The number of hungry people globally has increased – we must do more if we are to achieve SDG2.
  • Conflicts are directly impacting people’s ability to access enough food.
  • The impact on children and the role of gender must be considerations of the zero hunger journey
  • Looking ahead: How can we work together to use these findings and achieve SDG2?

Shareable Content

Blog post: We’re going backwards on hunger

by Helle Thorning-Schmidt, CEO of Save the Children International

Suggested Tweets:

Tweet 1: "As things stand, we will not make it" @HelleThorning_S on #ZeroHunger & why we must do more to achieve #SDG2

Tweet 2: A world committed to #ZeroHunger by 2030: As things stand now, we are not going to make it. #SDG2

Suggested Tweets to accompany social media postcards

Postcard 1

New report on the global state of hunger: A crucial tool to understand how we move forward and reach #ZeroHunger: 

Postcard 2

The number of hungry people has risen by 38 million this year. New policies must reverse this to achieve #ZeroHunger

Postcard 3

UN Report: Conflicts are rising & directly impacting people’s access to food. Peace is vital to #FightingFamine:

482 million chronically hungry people live in countries impacted by conflict: #FightingFamine

The devastating link between #famine & #conflict is clear in the latest @UN report: #ZeroHunger

Postcard 4

UN reports that over 130 million children will be stunted by 2025 if they cannot get access to the right foods: #ZeroHunger

Global gender inequality must be addressed in the fight to achieve #SDG2 & reach #ZeroHunger says @UN:

Postcard 5

The path to #ZeroHunger must leave no one behind – especially those that live in areas where hunger is a direct result of #conflict:

How can we use latest @UN report to reverse increasing global hunger & work together? Tweet @SDG2AdvocacyHub to join discussion #ZeroHunger