The Chefs' Manifesto Resilience Sessions

About this Event Series

Resilience is a building block of sustainable development, one that focuses on adapting quickly to and growing stronger in the face of change – a changing climate, a changing ecosystem, market or socio-political situation. Where bouncing back from adversity has become our reality, resilience is our future.

Each Wednesday in October at 6pm BST, the Chefs' Manifesto Action Hub in London at OmVed Gardens and Chef Arthur Potts-Dawson were joined by a guest chef, to discuss a resilient ingredient within their particular food culture.

Each chef cook with their chosen ingredient, connecting to their localised food systems, cultural food history and migration of food and people.

On 21 October, the Chefs' Manifesto London Action Hub at Omved Gardens then hosted the finale of the Resilience Session, a Chefs' Manifesto London Action Hub Gathering. 

Find all recordings and recipes for download on this page.


1 – Bambara groundnut with Chef Mokgadi Itsweng

Chef MokgadiIn our first instalment on 16 September at 6pm BST, Chef Arthur is joined in the kitchen by South African Chef Mokgadi Itsweng to talk about and cook with the bambara groundnut.

Download Chef Mokgadi's RECIPE for Bambara Nut Burgers with Chakalaka Relish below!




2 – Corn with Chef Natacha Gomez

Episode 2

In the second episode of the Chefs' Manifesto Resilience Sessions on 23 September at 6pm BST Chef Arthur will welcome Chef Natacha Gomez from Haiti to talk about and cook with the resilient ingredient corn.

Download Chef Natacha's RECIPE for Rum Raisin Akasan below!




3 – Millet with Chef Anahita Dhondy


Chef Anahita Dhondy from India will join Arthur in the kitchen in the season's episode 3 on 30 September at 6pm BST, to talk about the ingredient that she has been championing in her kitchen and restaurant in New Delhi: millets. 

Download Chef Anahita's RECIPE for Warm Seasonal Millet Salad below!



4 – Seaweed with Chef Conor Spacey


In the forth episode of the Chefs' Manifesto resilience sessions, Chef Arthur is joined in the kitchen by Chef Conor Spacey from Ireland! 

Download Chef Conor's RECIPE for Noodle Dashi below!




5 – Fonio with Chef Pierre Thiam

Episode 5

Today, the guest on the Chefs' Manifesto Resilience Sessions is Chef Pierre Thiam from Senegal/NYC. 

Download Chef Conor's RECIPE for Beet & Fonio with Pickled Carrots Salad below!




6 – Chefs' Manifesto London Action Hub Event 

To round off this six-part Chefs' Manifesto series on resilience, the CM London Action Hub at OmVed Gardens hosted an Action Hub Gathering, bringing together chefs, farmers, growers, scientists and other stakeholders to discuss resilience during an action-packed afternoon. You missed it? Check out the recording below.