Cooking the Manifesto


Over the last four years, a global network of chefs has grown, working together to deliver good food for all.

The Chefs’ Manifesto - a thematic framework that identifies food issues that matter most to chefs - was created by chefs, and is summarized into 8 thematic areas. A corresponding Action Plan has been developed from the Manifesto, acting as a practical guide on how chefs can contribute to the SDGs in each of these 8 areas.

This Action Page takes this project one step further by compiling and showcasing recipes created by the participating chefs that are in line with one or more of the Manifesto’s 8 thematic areas into a single database. These recipes will promote ingredients grown with respect for earth and its oceans; the protection of biodiversity and improved animal welfare; the investment in livelihoods; the valuing of natural resources and reduction of waste; the celebration of local and seasonal food; a focus on plant-based ingredients; the education on food safety and healthy diets; nutritious food that is accessible and affordable for all.

Please consider joining us by contributing your recipes and ideas to and we will look to add them to this growing group.