Copenhagen Action Hub Launch

August will welcome chefs from across Denmark, the Nordic region and beyond to cook and explore food sustainability at the launch of the Copenhagen Action Hub for the Chefs’ Manifesto. Lead by Chef Kamilla Seidler, the CPH Hub looks to discover how the Manifesto can support existing Denmark/Nordic-based chef action as well as inspire and empower chefs to contribute to a better food future. While in the city, participating chefs will attend Copenhagen’s Cooking and Food Festival, preparing a 3-course meal for 210 people using local ingredients. 

Chefs cooking at CPH food fest

A rough programme of events is as follows:

Thursday August 23rd:

  • 9:30 am: Arrival with coffee meet and great
  • 10:00: Welcome at Copenhagen Hospitality College 
    • Discussion on Chefs' Manifesto and Network update
  • 11:00: Reflections from London Action Hub
  • Collaborate on a small "Masterchef Session" with Danish Ministry of Industry, Business and Financial Affairs
    • Limited space available in this meeting 
  • 11:30- 16:30: Begin mise en place for the Harvest Feast- Get to know each other.
  • 20:00 pm: Dinner (Location TBD) 

Friday August 24th: 

  • 9:00 am: Working breakfast meeting at Hospitality College 
    • Introduction to New Nordic Manifest
    • Q&A- How to start a local food movement?
  • 11:00: Mise en place and prepping everything for the evening. 
  • 13:00: Shared lunch we prepare and follow up discussions on The Nordic Manifest etc. 
  • 16:00: Head out to set up for dinner service. 
  • 18:00- 21:00: Execute dinner service for 210 pax at Harvest Feast, part of Copenhagen's Cooking and Food Festival 
  • 21:30: End of evening cocktails 

CPH food fest

Saturday August 25th: 

  • 9:30-11:00 am: Working breakfast meeting at Mirabelle with Rega- Danish gastronomic entrepreneurs  
  • 11:30- 15:00
    • Sessions by Nordic Food Policy Lab on Nordic Solutions Menu followed by a discussion on next steps for Nordic countries and Denmark more specifically
    • Nordic Food Lab presenting bug research and importance of gov't involvement
    • Closing discussion
  • 19:00-20:00: Eat Forum presentation 
  • Dinner-- Street food at Reffen 

Sign up for the Copenhagen Action Hub events here.