London Action Hub Launch

June ­­2018 will see the launch of the first Chefs' Manifesto Action Hub-- a geographically located and focused space for driving action that is contextually relevant- coordinated by Arthur Potts Dawson and a group of Chefs from the UK made possible by the team at OmVed Gardens.

Photo of Omved

The Action Hub will launch with a week of activities and events from the 18th to 22nd of June at Omved Gardens in Highgate, London. Coinciding with World Sustainable Food Day, these events will push forward ideas on sustainable food development with wide-ranging content. Thus far, the Action Hub launch week will include the following; please click on each of the dates for a more detailed breakdown of events:

Monday 18th of June:

A chef focused-day that brings together senior industry chefs and young/junior chefs from varying backgrounds to share knowledge on topics such as cooking styles, recipes, supply chain tips and future food concepts with the aim of teaching and inspiring one another. With the junior level chefs invited to the table to eat the food cooked for them by the senior chefs, this event creates a space for discussions, food demonstrations and the development of garden to plate/gardener to chef relationships and global friendships. Kicking off on World Sustainable Food Day, “Chef for Chefs” will enthuse the coming generation of “foodies” to change the food system and promote the food industry as an amazing place to be.

Tuesday 19th of June:

Tuesday’s events will bring together a wider audience of chefs, suppliers, foodies and food industry members to discuss a range of topics. In the morning, attendees will focus on the Chefs Network and brainstorm how to further its reach and impact as well as discuss how to deliver the Chefs’ Manifesto in the food industry. Lawrence Woodward will then lead a discussion on sustainability- and the uses and abuses of this term- and what it looks like in a complex world. The afternoon will see a discussion for chefs to engage in the true nature of food in urban environments hosted by Carolyn Steel, a giant amongst narrators in the food industry. Carolyn will discuss the daily miracle of feeding a city, the unsustainable trends that shape our food future and what can be done about them. Leading on from this discussion, chefs will attend a panel that uncovers the realities of feeding a city. To finish off the afternoon, there will be an interactive session talk over the key nutrition issues facing the world today. In the evening, chefs, foodies and food industry members will come together to eat, talk and celebrate the Hub over a tasty, low energy, carbon based menu.

Wednesday 20th of June:

Wednesday’s events will look at some of the key challenges facing today’s food industry and society more generally. For World Refugee Day, Mazi Mas’s refugee chefs are invited to cook with Manifesto chefs in an event to raise awareness around refugees as well as celebrate the diversity of people and food in London by showcasing recipes and cooking styles of the refugee community. In the afternoon, Pat Thomas, will lead an interactive seminar that demystifies genetic engineering and synthetic biology and discusses the sustainability of these ‘fake’ foods and what they mean for provenance, nutrition, food quality and customer trust. Next, the Action Hub attendees will discuss what an Action Hub is as to create a guide for both the London Hub as well as future Hubs. In the evening, there a dinner focused on the impacts of conflict on food with a panelists from WFP, Save the Children and World Vision.

Thursday 21st of June:

Thursday’s events will focus on inclusion within the food industry. Run by Anna Sulan Masing, Romy Gill and Victoria Stewart, the morning session focuses on the importance of empowering women within the food industry by celebrating diversity and difference in projects that further gender equality and create a sustainable future. As such, this session will see numerous speakers presenting their work within the food industry. The afternoon session will screen documentary “Goddesses in the Kitchen” that highlights the talent and ethos of women already working in gastronomy to inspire other women. This screening is followed by a Q&A with Director Verdane Frediani:  In the evening, chefs will attend a final dinner to end the Action Hub’s launch week.

Friday 22nd of June:

The final day of the Action Hub’s launch week will be led by chef Merlin Labron-Johnson have Manifesto chefs cook at a Refettorio Felix, a dining space established to support vulnerable local communities. It is part of Massimo Bottura’s non-profit organisation Food for Soul that aims to fight food waste and support social inclusion and individual well-being.

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