World Eat For Good Day!


Future 50 FoodsThe story so far...

On 19th February 2019, Knorr and WWF launched Future 50 Foods, to work towards building better foods systems by reducing the negative impact on the environment.

Future 50 Foods is two years into the campaign, inspiring more than 395 million who use Knorr products each year, with more than 1000 Future 50 Foods recipes having already been developed. Many of these recipes have been created  and featured by Chefs' Manifesto chef champions!



World Eat For Good Day

The story right now...

Our planet is in a crises. As chefs, you have the power to educate, inspire and change what people put on their plate everyday, to help protect our planet for the future. 

This year, on the 19th February 2021, Knorr is launching World Eat For Good Day, an inaugural day to inspire people to change the world by changing what is on their plate

As a partner of the Chefs' Manifesto, Knorr have invited chefs from the network to inspire the world by creating their favourite dish by swapping ingredients to feature Future 50 Foods ingredients



The World Eat for Good Challenge Winner

parathasChef Shridula's #GoodFood4All Parathas won the Eat For Good competition! See below what ingredients Chef swapped to include delicious, sustainable #Future50Foods. 

'In my parathas, I swapped the regular potato / cauliflower stuffing with the Future 50 Food horse gram lentil and it turned out extremely delicious! Served with Kumaon raita (a yoghurt dip with cucumbers + flavoured salts), 
green garlic chutney and
 hemp seed chutney, this dish uses two #Future50Foods ingredients.

Lentils – which are part of the #Future50Foods – are originally from North Africa and Asia, and were one of the world’s first cultivated crops. Requiring little water to grow, lentils have a carbon footprint 43 times lower than that of beef. 
There are dozens of varieties, all with slightly different earthy, peppery or sweet flavours. Lentils are packed with protein, fibre and carbohydrates. Horse gram is the most protein-rich lentil found on the planet. It is high in iron, calcium & protein. In fact has the highest calcium content amongst pulses.

Horse gram lentils aid in digestion and kidney related disease- cures kidney stones. It also relieves menstrual cramps and maintains regular cycles. It also helps maintain the right levels of haemoglobin in the body. Not only is it good for us but it is also #goodfortheplanet as it is highly drought tolerant and prevents soil erosion. 

The other Future 50 Food used in this dish are the hemp seeds – to make it into a chutney. My sous chef, from Uttarakhand (a state in the northern India crossed by the Himalayas) taught me this chutney recipe. Hemp, number 38 on the future 50 foods list, are one of the healthiest types of seeds. They’re a rich source of protein, fiber, plus essential vitamins and minerals. Hemp seeds contain the essential fatty acids (GLA) that help relieve period cramps. It helps fight off many chronic diseases like heart diseases, arthritis, and fatty liver disease. And also helps with weight loss. 

What is on your plate makes a lot more difference on the planet than you realise.
 Simply swapping ingredients from our regular home cooked meals with ingredients from the Future 50 Foods list, will not only be beneficial for you but also for the planet!'

Find Chef Shridula's winning entry here – our congratulations!


BiodiversityHow were chefs involved?

1. They chose their favourite dish.

2. Assessed the ingredients.

3. Visited the Future 50 Foods report and looked at what ingredients you can swap to a Future 50 Food. 

4. Made their favourite dish and photograph it!

5. Shared photographs to their social media channels between 19th and 28th February 2021, with the hashtags #ChefsManifesto #EatforGood

6. Screen shot their social media post/s, and email them to by 28th February.



But wait, there's more!

Hand Knorr invited chefs to enter into a competition, to win a MacBook Air! 

By following the above "How can you be involved?" steps, Chefs' social media posts entered into the draw for a chance to win a new computer.




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World Eat For Good Day FAQs

1. What are Future 50 Foods?

Future 50 Foods are foods that increase the diversity in our diet, and have less impact on the planet. They are more sustainable, often contain more nutrients, and by using them, encourage people to increase the range of foods they consume. To read more about Future 50 Foods, please read the report here.

2. Who can participate?

Anyone who is a chef or a cook can participate. 

3. What do I need to post on my social media?

Post a picture of your favourite dish, with a Future 50 Food ingredient included.

4. What day do I need to post on my social media?

To be entered into the competition to win a MacBook Air, you must post on your social media on Friday the 19th February 2021.

5. What hashtags do I need to include in my post?

You must include the hashtags #ChefsManifesto and #EatforGood to be included in the Eat For Good campaign.

6. Why is the Chefs' Manifesto supporting this campaign?

The Chefs' Manifesto partners with many networks, who actively support Good Food for All. This campaign seeks to encourage people to eat biodiverse ingredients, by swapping staple food items on their plate, for foods that have less impact on the planet, are more nutritious and are more biodiverse, which aligns to the Chefs' Manifesto Action Plan.

6. Any more questions?

If you need anymore information please contact us here!