Micronutrient Forum 6th Global Conference: Nutrition for Resilience

The Micronutrient Forum will host the 6th Global Conference Nutrition for Resilience (N4R) from the 16 -18 October 2023 in The Hague. 

N4R will explore the interdependence of micronutrient nutrition and the resilience of individuals, communities, and systems, within the context of a world where crises are a new normal. The Conference will be structured around the four tracks: 

  • Track 1: Micronutrient Biology and Status Assessment: The biology of micronutrient nutrition and status assessment. 
  • Track 2: Efficacy and Safety of Micronutrient Interventions: The efficacy and safety of micronutrient interventions on micronutrient intake, status and related functional outcomes. 
  • Track 3: Program Implementation and Effectiveness: Bridging the gap between evidence and implementation to optimise the scale-up of micronutrient interventions. 
  • Track 4: Designing Enabling Environments for Micronutrients:Engaging new actors and building new alliances, and expanding the field of view to include global, regional, and national policy considerations, financing, innovative partnerships, climate change, communications, and advocacy.

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