Webinar 1: Reaching the Most Vulnerable with Fortified Foods

This webinar is the first in the 2021 series of virtual Second Global Summit on Food Fortification events


At least 340 million children under 5 (one in two) suffer from hidden hunger, known as micronutrient malnutrition. Deficiencies in key vitamins and minerals such as vitamin A and iodine are a leading cause of blindness, brain damage, and mortality in infants and young children. Iron deficiency makes childbirth more dangerous for both mothers and babies and folic acid deficiency can cause devastating birth defects such as spina bifida. In addition to their effects on morbidity, mortality, and human development, micronutrient deficiencies are a significant contributor to childhood stunting and wasting.

Large scale food fortification (LSFF) is the addition of vitamins and minerals, such as vitamin A, vitamin D, iron, zinc, and folic acid, to staple foods like wheat or maize flour, edible oils and fats, salt, sugar, and rice. Biofortification aims to increase nutrient levels in crops during plant growth rather than through manual means during processing. Combined, these interventions represent an unprecedented opportunity to reach the most vulnerable people and communities suffering from hidden hunger.

Moderated by prominent author, journalist and researcher with the Chicago Council on Global Affairs, Roger Thurow, this webinar will focus on success stories to demonstrate how these interventions can have a multiplier effect in reaching those most at risk of being left behind.

Featured speakers include:

  • Dr Victor Aguayo, Associate Director and Global Chief of Nutrition, Programme Division, UNICEF
  • Dr. Werner Schultink, Executive Director, Iodine Global Network
  • Dr Lamine Gueye, HKI West Africa Regional Food Fortification Manager
  • Mr Alex Marco, HKI Program Adviser Cameroon
  • Ms Sakile Kudita, Zimbabwe Country Manager, HarvestPlus
  • Ms. Anahita Dhondy, Indian Chef and Member of the Chef's Manifesto

Hosted by the Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition, Hellen Keller International, the Iodine Global Network, UNICEF, HarvestPlus and the Chef's Manifesto.