Sign the Chefs' Pledge now and be part of history!

2020 and 2021 have been colossal years. With COVID-19 continuing to impact thousands globally, life has definitely changed, shifted, and altered for millions. We have been in a state of flux now for going on 19 months, where we have experienced surges of community and individual energy, entered multiple liminal states where we hover in-between the known and unknown, and then watched or experienced as various countries have moved forward into rebuilding, whilst others still languish or remain frozen. For many of us, our central nervous systems are depleted, worn out from trying to figure out the day-to-day, yet the resounding story we hear is that people want to take action. 

It seems timely that the United Nations Food Systems Summit is occurring next week - an opportunity to take action. Never before has it been so apparent to the global population, that our food system urgently needs transforming. Equity, livelihoods, biodiversity, welfare, accessibility, affordability, nutrition, energy, food security, climate... all aspects of food systems need addressing to ensure Good Food For All now, and for many years to come.


The Chefs' Manifesto is all about practical actions that can help achieve food systems transformation. 

So what can you do, right now, to become involved in taking action?

Together with several partner networks, the Chefs' Manifesto has curated a Chefs' Pledge. Based on the 8 Thematic Areas, the results of a global survey formed the basis for the pledge. Chefs from over 50 countries participated in the survey, and the top 8 practical actions were discovered that chefs believe will help accelerate food systems transformation from within their sector. Powerful stuff! The results and survey methodology can be found here.

Chefs' Pledge Certificate

It is easy to be involved: head to the Chefs' Pledge page, read the pledge, add your name to the many who have already signed, share with your networks, then, more importantly, take action!