HungerMap LIVE: a tool for timely action on food insecurity

What factors drive hunger around the world and which areas are at risk of food insecurity? Launched at World Economic Forum 2020, HungerMap Live answers these questions with near real time data to aid the humanitarian community in making informed accelerate and timely action on global food crises.  



The UN World Food Programme’s HungerMap Live tracks and monitors food insecurity in 94 countries in near real-time. Using data sets on conflicts, climate shocks, populations, vegetation levels and weather, the Map identifies areas at risk of food insecurity and predicts the status of crisis-hit areas where limited information is available with the help of predictive analytics. 

Incorporating these data sets into one place helps build a more holistic understanding of the root causes of hunger. As an interactive map, map users are able to select multiple indicators at once to view the impact of climate and conflict or weather and vegetation on food security at national and subnational levels, reflecting the interconnectivity of these issues. 

             Source: WFP

Here’s a few striking figures from the map: 

  • 14 countries are currently experiencing very high levels of hunger
  • Conflict drives 60% of the world’s hunger

In its next phase, the map will be able to forecast how likely the situation is to change in the next one, three or six months. 

Accessible to all, check out the HungerMap Live!