Our Ambition

Through the co-creation of the Chefs’ Manifesto Action Plan, as well as the maintenance of the Chefs’ Manifesto network, we are bringing together new voices and perspectives into the debate on sustainable development to help engage the general public in advocating for food system transformation. 

The Manifesto consists of three key mechanisms: 

The Chefs’ Manifesto Action Plan: A toolkit, drafted by Chefs, that synthesises the Global Goals into 8 thematic areas and provides simple, clear actions that chefs can do to contribute to the Goals. Actions are grounded in science, to ensure activity is credible and outcomes are good for people and the planet. 

The Chefs’ Manifesto Network: An online network of engaged chefs from around the world to share best practice, case studies and to collaborate around a calendar of key events. Explore the chefs involved in the Manifesto in the map below.

Chefs’ Manifesto Action Hubs: Event spaces in different locations around the world hosting workshops, events and fostering local action on the Chefs’ Manifesto. 

omvedLondon Action Hub at OmVed Gardens

OmVed is the London Action Hub for the Chefs’ Manifesto. Nestled behind Highgate High Street, this urban greenscape was, until recently, a wounded and tarmacked wasteland. It is currently being transformed into a diverse eco habitat with a wildflower meadow, an orchard and vegetable garden. Through collaboration with artists, architects, chefs, musicians and horticulturalists OmVed explores the relationship between people and their connection to the environment.

Ireland Action Hub at GIY Ireland

GIY is a not for profit social enterprise helping people to grow some of their own food at home, at work, at school and in their communities. With a series of partners, this year GIY Ireland is supporting over 500’000 people and 8’000 community food groups in the UK and Ireland. The home of the GIY movement and a national food education centre is GROW HQ in Waterford City, where the event will be held. The award-winning cafe at GROW HQ seats 65 and serves the most nutritious, delicious, seasonal food. Mostly, the distance from plot to plate is about 112 steps. Richard and the garden team grow it, JB and the kitchen team cook it, and lovely customers eat it!


Stay tuned for further Action Hubs coming soon!