Happy 2nd Birthday to the Chefs' Manifesto

10th June 2020 marked the Chefs’ Manifesto two year anniversary. Now with more than 700 chefs, from 77 countries, it's fair to say the Chefs’ Manifesto has had a healthy start. COVID-19 may have thrown a spanner in the works, shutting down the hospitality industry as we know it and throwing livelihoods into jeopardy(or uncertainty), however the collaboration, creativity and solidarity of the Chefs’ Manifesto community indicates an exciting and prosperous future ahead. 


Chefs EAT Dinner - Photo Credit: Linus Sundahl

To celebrate this 2nd birthday we want to commemorate some of the amazing work achieved. From championing ingredients from the Future 50 Foods to attending the Rome launch of the EAT-Lancet, the Chefs’ Manifesto has gone places. Complimentary to these global moments, we want to thank our chefs, working everyday to honor the 8 pillars of the Chefs’ Manifesto and to deliver a better food system for both people and planet.  

This amazing work of the Chefs’ Manifesto, and from the chefs within, has not gone unnoticed. Capturing media attention far and wide, below is a list of articles celebrating your amazing work:



If you have more articles to add to the list please share with the SDG2 Advocacy Hub by contacting us here.