A Nourishing, Regenerative Tomorrow: What We Learned from 1300 Future Food Systems Visions

A nourishing, regenerative tomorrow

The Rockefeller Foundation announced the Food System Vision Prize in October 2019, issuing a call to disparate global food system actors to unite, source and support positive Visions for our future food systems.

More than 1,300 teams representing over 4,000 organizations (including non-governmental organizations, farmers’ organizations, universities, governments, research institutes, and an array of private sector actors) submitted Visions rooted in the food systems of 119 countries. Visions were analyzed through an independent review performed by over 100 diverse judges, who selected 76 Semi-Finalists and then 10 Finalists. This report highlights the messages, points of convergence, and tensions that emerged from this powerful, diverse, and global chorus of actors championing for bold action and transformation within their food systems.

Five specific, bold aspirations emerge that can guide the global community as it seeks the best way forward. 

  1. Food as Community 
  2. Food as the New Economy 
  3. Food as Reconciliation 
  4. Food as Medicine
  5. Food as Resilience 

These aspirations are a distillation of everything else that follows in this report: the challenges we are seeking to solve; the solutions that can lead the way; the values that underpin our visions for the future; the tensions we will need to navigate; and the broken connections we will need to repair. 

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