Nurturing climate-resilience & national N4G action at Davos

This week, business, government, international organisations, civil society and academia will gather for the 50th World Economic Forum (WEF) Annual Meeting. Held each year, WEF Annual Meeting creates a space for leaders to to act together to achieve global impact. As we head into the final decade to 2030, let's hope this year's Meeting lives up to its aspirations. 

Watch here the Welcoming Remarks and Special Address: 


Davos & SDG2

Shining a light on agriculture, food and nutrition, a number of SDG2 side events will happen at Davos this year – find here a snapshot of this activity. 

davosTransforming food systems is vital to achieving SDG2 targets as well as improving the health of people and planet.  On 24 Jan from 7 – 9am, “The Japan N4G:  National actions on food, health and prosperity for all” will review practical proposals to advance food and nutrition commitments, particularly how business and other stakeholders can help governments better deliver solutions faster. RSVP here.



The World Food Programme will host a series of conversations on climate change, conflict and how to reskill and upskill a billion people over the next decade. 


On 21 Jan from 12 1pm,  “Conflict and hunger in global hotpots: promoting stability and resilience in fragile and conflict-affected states” talk will focus on enhancing communities’ resilience through public and private sector partnerships to break the cycle of hunger and war. RSVP here.

How can we nurture human capital among a billion people over the next decade? By creating partnerships that nourish 73 million vulnerable children in 60 low-income and fragile countries. Join WFP ED David Beasley and UNICEF ED Henrietta Fore on 23 Jan from 7 8:30am for “Nurturing human capital in Africa” as they discuss how the global community can help support countries to achieve sustainable, inclusive economic growth. RSVP here.


The socio-economic and political cost of climate inaction will significantly outweigh the strategic investments of climate-risk financing in low and middle-income countries. But how do we build resilience of communities and countries to climate extremes? Join side event on 23 Jan from 4:30 5:30pm “Building resilience in climate-risk hotspots” that aims to create a global dialogue to create partnerships that invest in building climate resilience. RSVP here.

Davos highlights 


Tracking and predicting hunger, WFP's newly launched HungerMap LIVE monitors food insecurity in 90 countries in near real-time. Read more about it.

WEF new report "Incentivising Food Systems Transformation" recognises the need for incentives to drive a fundamental shift in the way food is produced. The report highlights the key hurdles to such a transformation and a menu of solutions that can incentivise stakeholders in the food system in 4 areas. Read it here. 

Amplify SDG2 at Davos 2020

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