Member Profiles - June 2019

Nutrition Connect





Catherine LeBlanc Catherine LeBlanc, Knowledge Mobilisation
Nutrition Connect 


Tells us about your organisation.

Nutrition Connect is an open access resource which brings together high quality, credible and objective information related to public private engagement (PPE) for nutrition. It just launched 29 May – visit



How is your work contributing to SDG2?              

We believe that if we are going to meet SDG2, we have to shift businesses from being a big part of the problem to a big part of the solution. And to do that we have to work together. Nutrition Connect will bring together information on what works to improve nutrition through collaboration and partnership and look at how we can support effective public private engagement for nutrition. 

What is your best food memory?              

One favourite that has stayed with me is the feeling of coming home from university to find the fridge and pantry full of things my parents knew I liked but probably was not buying for myself on a student budget… Even now, I know there will always be raspberries waiting for me when I visit my parents. I think this speaks to the food anthropologist in me – the reminder that food doesn’t just nourish us physically. It is about connection and can be a way to show love and belonging.

What else would you like to share with other SDG2 Advocacy Hub members?                      

Nutrition Connect really aims to bring together public and private sector actors so we can transform the food system and catalyse positive action for nutrition. Bringing together these resources will help us better understand what we already know and where we can do more – and that knowledge will help stimulate dialogue, engagement and action on public private engagement for nutrition. Get involved at and @NutritionConnex!

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Natasha HaywardNatasha Hayward, Program Head
The Global Agriculture and Food Security Programme (GAFSP) 

Tells us in a few words about your organisation.

GAFSP is a global partnership  and targeted instrument for additional financing in the agriculture and food space that cost-effectively pools development resources and selectively allocates them to where they are most needed, effective, and catalytic.  You can find out more at our website:



How is your work contributing to SDG2?              

Since its inception in 2010, the Programme has reached 10 million people and is on track to reach 12 million by 2022, of whom 40% will be women and girls. GAFSP’s Steering Committee has recently endorsed an overall vision for the programme to 2030, recognising how GAFSP has been working to channel resources to help achieve these global goals, in particular SDG2.

What is your best food memory?     

Many of my early childhood memories are centred on food.  Chicken rice – a deceptively simple Singaporean Chinese dish of (essentially) very tender boiled chicken, served with chili sauce and the most delicious rice, cooked in the chicken stock with garlic and ginger – was, and is, a favourite. 

What else would you like to share with other Hub members?                     

  • Call for Proposals limited to fragile and conflict affected countries to ensure the allocation of resources to countries that are in high need of support.  Deadline September:
  • This year, Germany has called for an international coalition on SDG2 and are looking at the upcoming UNGA74 and particularly the SDG Summit on 24/25 September to further build this coalition and launch the the GAFSP investment case.  

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Lansana KondenLansana Kondeh  
Founder & Director, Mansofinia Agric Farmers' Organisation

Tell us about your organisation. 

Located in Freetown, Sierra Leone, Mansofinia Agric Farmers' Organisation (MAFO) is a non-political and non-governmental organization formed by interested and able farmers who have a passion for serving the agricultural sectors in Neya Chiefdom, Falaba District, Northern Sierra Leone. About 80% of the population that live in these areas work and depend on agriculture farming for their livelihoods. 


How does your work contribute to SDG2? 

For me, providing food means sustainability of nutrition. Our work also translates into the enhancement of food and provides essential food for improved health. 

What is your best food memory?

My best food memory is rice because for us here in Sierra Leone our staple food money is rice among others.

What would you like to share with other SDG2 Members? 

As a member of the SDG2 Advocacy Hub, we should all remain resilient and share common interests towards SDG2.

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