EAT Foundation

Originally launched as an initiative, EAT is now an independent foundation with three core partners: the Wellcome Trust, the Stordalen Foundation and the Stockholm Resilience Centre.

To catalyse a transformative shift in the global food system, EAT convenes leaders, innovators and forward thinkers from disparate disciplines and geographies to find integrated solutions to the growing global food crisis.

Without industry, change is not possible; without the basic science there is no evidence to stimulate change; without government policies, progress will be far too slow; without populations worldwide advocating for new opportunities, governments will not respond quickly enough. It will take a diverse ecosystem of players with unity of purpose to make a push for systemic change Our vision is a transformed food system that protects our natural environment while providing people with the knowledge and access to make healthy and sustainable food decisions - a responsible food system that stimulates better choices in daily life.