World Water Day 2024

In the cradle of dawn’s first light,
Beyond rivers who weave their tales at night.
Lies a story of Earth’s precious might,
On this World Water Day, let’s unite.

Beneath the blue sky’s embrace,
Where streams converge with gentle grace.
Lies a promise of a shared space,
Water, a symbol of our human race.

In valleys deep and mountains high,
Where water’s whispers reach the sky.
There’s a call for harmony to multiply,
Let’s cherish each water drop, you and I.

For in the flow of rivers wide,
Lies the essence of life’s sweet guide.
A force that can both soothe and provide,
Water, our ally in peace worldwide.

Let’s heed the call of World Water Day,
In every action, leverage in every way.
Let fairness lead and justice sway,
Water, a bridge to a peace-filled today.

By Keren Allen

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