Join the challenge to put more #beansonthemenu!


To increase consumer demand, Beans is How is inviting restaurants, caterers, cafés, schools, and other food providers to put more #beansonthemenu locally, making beans and other pulses a visible, desirable food choice.

Also called the Bean Menu Challenge, this initiative highlights the unique role chefs can play in showcasing the versatility and tastiness of beans while influencing dietary trends and behaviours towards affordable, healthy, delicious food choices. 

Beans are a simple, affordable solution to our global health, climate and cost of living challenges. Join the Beans is How mission of doubling global bean consumption by 2028!

Ongoing and past challenges

UK Challenge: June 2024

Join chefs across the UK putting more #beansonthemenu

Nairobi Challenge: 2024

Stay tuned for more information on how to get involved

NYC Challenge: September 2023

Our first challenge – where for the first time food was on the official climate change agenda

How to Participate

  1. Fill out this form to confirm your participation
  2. Select or create a bean dish (or more than one) to highlight on your menu in June 2024
  3. Help us spread the word so that diners come try your dish and other restaurants are encouraged to participate in the challenge
  4. Share the dish and your participation in the #beansonthemenu challenge with your staff, customers, and social media followers
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Find answers to common questions about the challenge!
What is Beans is How?

Beans is How is an ambitious campaign to double the global consumption of beans and other pulses by 2028. Launched in November 2022, Beans is How consists of a Coalition of stakeholders working together to achieve the campaign’s strategic goals – currently at nearly 100 partners in 50 countries.

What is the Bean Menu Challenge, or #beansonthemenu?

The Bean Menu Challenge is an initiative targeting restaurants, caterers, cafés, schools, and other food providers to put more #beansonthemenu locally, making beans and other pulses a visible, desirable food choice.

Do I have to use a certain type of bean?

You can use beans, peas, lentils or any pulse in the larger Fabaceae family. We invite you to explore the diversity of beans, including local varieties; the more the better!

Do I have to have a certain percentage or number of #beansonthemenu to qualify?

We have no specific requirements, except for having beans visibly mentioned on your menu; however, the more beans the better! 

    • They can be eaten for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or in between as snacks.
    • They can be a standalone dish, a side, a topping or a (not so secret) ingredient to elevate sauces, spreads, desserts or drinks – packing extra vitamins, minerals and nutrients into your dish. 
    • They can be elevated to fine dining, or gourmet street food.

Push the boundaries of how beans are used in your dish!

I need some more culinary inspiration. Do you have examples of great bean recipes?

YES – you can find lots of recipes on our website here.

Do I have to pay to participate?

There is no financial contribution required to participate. Just fill out the form, add the dish to your meal, and help us promote the value of beans while sharing your culinary contribution.

Are there winners to the challenge, or a prize?

This is not a contest, but a movement to make beans visible, exciting and desirable by collaborating with chefs – the most trusted champion voices in the culinary world.

What resources are available to learn more about beans?

You can find some quick facts about beans on our “All About Beans” page, or dig into our Theory of Change, Annual Reports, and find more in-depth information on our “Resources” page.

I'm ready to share content! How do I do this?

You can share directly on your channels tagging or collaborating with @BeansisHow and using #beansonthemenu. We have a presence on Instagram and X.

I'd like to contact someone with further questions, or to explore a broader collaboration opportunity.

You can email

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