Conflict, Climate Change & Lack of Political Will Have Left:

735 million

people are facing hunger

1 in 3

People malnourished

3.1 billion

people unable to afford a healthy diet

Our food systems are failing people and the planet

Join us in spotlighting the global food crisis.

Right now, 735 million people face hunger  But the global food crisis is  the ‘elephant in the room’ – too often ignored in political discussions and in the media.

It’s a climate crisis, a conflict crisis, and a cost-of-living crisis: it demands a massive and joined-up global response that is currently lacking.

Powerful voices and organisations are coming together to demand our leaders recognise this crisis and take the action needed.


Break the Cycle of Crises

The Hungry for Action campaign is calling for both urgent humanitarian action as well as long-term systems change to save lives now, build resilience and secure the future. The global campaign brings together civil society organisations and campaigners from across the climate, nutrition, debt, food security and food systems communities, and aims to raise the global food crisis to the top of the agenda and to secure the action needed to break the cycle of crises.

We are energised, ready, hungry!

Hungry for powerful, effective, moral leadership.
Hungry to save lives now.
Hungry to fight the root causes so never need to again.

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