The world is significantly off track to achieve SDG2 by 2030. Right now 783 million people go hungry – more than the population of the EU and US combined – while 1 in 3 people are malnourished and 3 billion people are unable to afford a healthy diet.

The world needs to go further, faster with a truly holistic and joined up approach to break the cycle of food crises, transform food systems  and put the world back on track to end hunger and all forms of malnutrition. The absence of a clearly articulated, aligned policy consensus across a wide range of stakeholders contributes to a sense of competing priorities. We are simply not getting the collective impact we expect from the work that is being done.

A global plan with high level political leadership, which sets out a prioritized set of actions that scale up what we know works, defines roles and responsibilities, and is matched with adequate financing and a robust accountability mechanism would help unlock the momentum we need.

In March 2024, 27 World Food Prize Laureates backed the need for such a plan. Now Hungry for Action has set out in more detail why we need this plan, what it could include and the opportunities we have to achieve it.

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