It’s easy to grow your own beans!

1. Grab a Grow Box

An enclosed space for growing the beans indoors or to protect them outside during colder months.


2. Pick a space

Choose somewhere sunny with drainage. Beans are a nitrogen-fixing crop, so they do not need much fertiliser.


3. Plant your Beans

Select your beans & sow them: Most types of shell bean seeds are sown 2 to 3 inches (5-7.6 cm.) apart in rows spaced 2 to 3 feet (.6-.9 m.) wide.

Remember beans do not tolerate frost so plan accordingly and then sow every four weeks until mid-July.


4. Care for the Beans

Make sure they are well-watered and weed by hand only, to avoid harming the bean.


5. Harvest the Beans

Make sure to pick them as they appear.


6. Share your progress

Share a photo of your beans using #beansinthegarden


7. Enjoy!

Check out our delicious bean recipes.