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The Beans is How Annual Report 2023

We are so pleased to present the Beans is How 2023 Annual Report, a celebration of the achievements, collaborations and efforts to double global bean consumption since our launch in November 2022.

Theory of Change

The Beans is How Theory of Change approach begins with shifting consumer attitudes toward beans as a desirable food, ingredient, and alternative protein source through innovative communications, champion work, and the convening of diverse stakeholders.

Bean Menu Challenge #beansonthemenu

Targeting restaurants, caterers, cafés, schools, and other food providers, this initiative aims to get more bean dishes on menus globally, making beans a desirable food choice. 

It highlights the unique role chefs can play in showcasing the versatility and tastiness of beans while influencing dietary trends and behaviors towards affordable, healthy, plant-forward diets.

Beans in Schools

Are you an educator or professional in a school kitchen? Get involved by downloading our exciting toolkits and fun activities. Help us empower schools with the knowledge and resources to make beans a desirable and nourishing part of our diets!

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