Why does COP28 need Climate Conscious Catering?

COP28 UAE aims to be carbon neutral, so has set all suppliers, including caterers, ambitious targets for sustainability. Climate Conscious Catering will help them achieve those targets.

The aim is that everyone visiting COP28 will be inspired by the quality and tastiness of food with a low carbon footprint. We want to show that planet friendly food can also be delicious and nutritious.


The Action

Climate Conscious Catering, alongside celebrity chefs, hosted an event prior to COP28.

The purpose: to educate COP28’s 50+ caterers in how to make their meals and menus more planet friendly.

  • They made changes to traditional recipes by swapping or diversifying core ingredients
  • They learned how to use ‘nutritics foodprint’ a carbon footprint calculator to plan meals
  • They discovered ways to reduce food waste with creative left overs
  • They learned the importance of re-using cutlery and crockery

COP28 Climate Conscious Catering Legacy

While it’s important that COP28’s Sustainable Catering Policy is climate aligned, the real opportunity is its legacy. By educating vendors and visitors to COP28 and showing that it can be done we hope to create a new vision for sustainable catering at mega events.

As a planet we urgently need to upgrade our food systems to reduce their impact on the environment, adapt to climate change and keep 1.5C within reach. It’s a cornerstone of the COP28 Action Agenda.

Food Facts and Figures


meals will be served


visitors will attend

Each day across the two zones

70+ Outlets

will provide food for visitors

Food, Farming, Water at COP28

December 10 is COP28’s dedicated day for Food, Agriculture and Water.

It will bring the world’s attention to the significance of food and water as critical in the response to climate change. Follow us on Instagram to keep up with the action as it unfolds.


The Climate Conscious Catering Workshop

Climate Conscious Catering Workshop in Dubai was an eventful 4-days of innovation, sharing and learning.

Chefs and students engaged in various workshops refining their skills in climate conscious cooking in preparation for COP28UAE, gaining a deeper understanding of the impact their food choices can have on the planet.

View some highlights from the event below.

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