Yes! Let’s look at some of the ways that being planet friendly makes good financial sense for your business.


Less waste = More profit

The zero waste closed loop way of catering means that nothing goes to waste and profit can be made from root to leaf in the kitchen. The increased creativity required is a satisfying challenge for chefs, which may lead to lower staff turnover.

Producing less waste also means there’s less money spent removing and disposing of rubbish – see our tips on waste reduction for ideas on how to reduce the use of serviettes, condiments and cutlery.

Local and Seasonal = Lower costs

Buying local and seasonal produce reduces the costs of transport, which in turn reduces the costs of what you buy.

Climate Conscious Ingredients = Less expensive

Creating plant based, whole food meals can be up to 1/3 cheaper than those rich in meat and fish, giving great value to your customers and you the opportunity for increased profit. This research from Oxford University debunks the myths that sustainable eating is more expensive.

Your customers will love it!

Being a ‘planet friendly’ business that actively lives the principles of climate conscious catering is a story that customers want to hear. You can attract a new customer base of people that support these values.

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