Are you planning to attend the AIM for Climate Summit?

Be sure to catch the SDG2 Advocacy Hub team and Beans is How at our exhibition booth and breakout session! 

About the AIM for Climate Summit

The United States will host the AIM for Climate Summit May 8-10 at the JW Marriott, Washington D.C. The Summit is an event “for the partners, by the partners” that will provide a game-changing platform to raise ambition, build collaborations, share knowledge on innovative solutions and amplify their work in climate-smart agriculture and food systems innovation in the lead-up to COP28.


The SDG2 Advocacy Hub will join partners of the Beans is How Coalition to host an exhibition booth to promote the value of beans as a simple, affordable, delicious and climate-smart solution. Visitors will have the opportunity to interact with the themes of: Learn More, Cook More, Eat More, and Grow More Beans. With special support from the American Pulse AssociationBon Appétit Management Company, the Chefs’ ManifestoGlobal Pulse Confederation, GIY (Grow It Yourself), ISS GuckenheimerPABRA, and WBCSD, the exhibit showcases examples of how we are working together to achieve our ambitious goal of doubling global bean consumption by 2028.

To start the experience, visitors will be invited to take a short quiz to test their knowledge about beans.

The exhibit will feature delicious and innovative recipes by Chefs from the Chefs’ Manifesto Network, as well as Bon Appétit Management Company, ISS Guckenheimer, and the American Pulse Association. Visitors will be invited to a dry goods dispenser coordinated by the American Pulse Association to pick out the dried beans, lentils and dried peas that are featured in the shared recipes.

Visitors will also be able to taste some of these recipes thanks to Bon Appétit Management Company and ISS Guckenheimer, who will be represented at the exhibit by Executive Chefs who can speak to the versatility and tastiness of beans, while sharing tips on preparation methods. Visitors will also be able to taste some iron-rich beans, which are featured in the collaborative School Meals work that PABRA engages in.

Finally, visitors will be able to get up close and personal with live bean plants, which have been grown by the University of Delaware. GIY (Grow it Yourself) will be on hand with some growing tips, and to let you know how you can be involved in being one of 5 Million people growing beans over the next 3 years!



On May 10 from 2:30 – 3:30pm, Beans is How will hold a breakout session in Salon G entitled “A Roadmap to Double Global Bean Consumption by 2028.” This event will convene an interactive conversation to socialize the campaign’s emerging Theory of Change. It will be organized in three segments:

  • Positive and negative tradeoffs to successfully achieving our mission
  • Case studies of pulse-based behavior change efforts
  • Interactive discussion inviting attendees to critique and contribute towards our efforts.

Featured speakers include:

  • Paul Newnham, Executive Director, SDG2 Advocacy Hub | Bean Board Member
  • Alyson Greenhalgh-Ball, Founder, Conscious Impact | Bean Science & Innovation Advisory Council Member [EVENT MODERATOR]
  • Dr. Christine Negra, Senior Advisor, Climate Team, UN Foundation | Bean Science & Innovation Advisory Council Member
  • Jean-Claude Rubyogo, PABRA, Global Bean Program Leader and Pan-Africa Bean Research Alliance (PABRA) Director | Bean Science & Innovation Advisory Council Co-Chair | Bean Board Member
  • Eve Turow-Paul, Executive Director, Food for Climate League | Bean Science & Innovation Advisory Council Member
  • Tim McGreevy, CEO American Pulse Association & US Dry Pea and Lentil Council | Bean Coalition Member

Finally, the SDG2 Advocacy Hub will have multiple senior members present during the AIM for Climate Summit:

  • Paul Newnham, Executive Director & Chief Beans Officer
  • Kristin Gutekunst, Beans is How Project Lead
  • Asma Lateef, Policy & Advocacy Lead

The SDG2 Advocacy Hub has co-organized the Interactive Exhibit along with the AIM for Climate team and their implementing partner Foundation for Agriculture Research. The SDG2 Advocacy Hub has provided overarching production, partnership management and content advisory to support the development of the exhibit. The Interactive Exhibit will be hosted in the Capital Foyer and Grand Ballroom Foyer, and will feature 15 exhibit booths featuring 36 organizations that will bring to life the future of climate-smart agriculture.


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