The Chefs’ Manifesto Podcast is back in 2024, with Series 5, Episode 1 dropping February 1!


This 10 part series will delve deep into the world of beans, peas, lentils, pulses and the wider legume family.

In support of the Beans is How campaign, the Chefs’ Manifesto is thrilled to partner with the US Dry Bean Council, to bring this series to life. Hosted by the fabulous Chef Tom Hunt, guests join from right around the world and share their insights into all things beans.

Episode 1 kicks off the series, hearing from Executive Director of the SDG2 Advocacy Hub and Chief Bean Officer, Paul Newnham, as to why Beans is How came in to existence. Chelsea Didinger, bean expert and US Dry Bean Council representative, shares on why beans are critical for planet and people health, and Mitchell Davis, Chefs’ Manifesto network member and Founder and Principal at Kitchen Sense brings years of gastronomy expertise, and a deep understanding of ingredients and flavour, to create further depth to the conversation.

Be sure to watch the Chefs’ Manifesto Instagram each week for new episode announcements or visit here for all previous series!

Find episodes below.

Episode 1

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