In support of the United Nations International Year of Millets 2023

Millets, millets millets!

Suddenly, this word pointing to a tiny grain seems to be everywhere!
So why the sudden zest for millet?

2023, as declared by the United Nations, is a year to focus on celebrating and championing millet. Spearheaded by the government of India and supported by 72 countries, #IYM2023 (International Year of Millets 2023) is an opportunity to raise awareness of the nutritional and health benefits of millet, as well as their suitability for sustainable production and harvesting under adverse and changing climatic conditions, being an incredible drought-hardy and an adaptable grain.

Learn more about Millet’s mighty magnificence here!

Chefs have the power to influence and drive positive change right across our food systems, and help achieve good food for all. In 2021, the United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres called on all citizens to take action, so as to “radically change the way we produce, process, transport, market and consume food”. Chefs are powerful advocates for bridging the gap between our food systems and the food we eat.



How you can be a part of good change

  • Where possible, buy your millet directly from smallholder farmers – particularly women and youth – to support rural livelihoods and sustainable agriculture in the face of a changing climate. Go one step further and partner with millet farmers and commit to buying future millet harvests to de-risk farmers’ investments.
  • Substitute rice or other grains for millet to diversify diets and boost biodiversity on the farm and on our plates.
  • Get creative and try different millet varieties to help diversify food systems, strengthen supply chains, and support global trade.
  • Millets are a critical ingredient in the food cultures of Indigenous Peoples, who have grown and eaten these crops for thousands of years. Learn more about their food traditions and the role that millet has contributed in resilience in diets and production.
  • Talk to your families and communities about the power of millet to help ensure healthy people and planet. As a nutrient-dense and climate-smart crop, millet is one step towards achieving healthy diets and transforming food systems.
  • Demonstrate the ease of including millet across your menus – whether that’s in restaurants, in hospitals, or in schools.
  • Learn more about the benefits of millet through the research of CGIAR’s Research Program on Grain, Legumes and Dryland Cereals – start with this article Millets prove tasty solution to climate and food security challenges.

The following is a collection of delicious magnificent millet recipes that you can take inspiration from to grow, cook and eat more millet in your daily life. Enjoy!

Bajra Ladoo 

Chef Vaibhav Bhargava

A no cook and no bake recipe

Pomegranate & Proso Millet Hummus with Meatball Kofetah 

Chef Nimish Bhatia 

A dish designed to dazzle


Summer Tabbouleh

Chef Shridula Chatterjee

Light and fresh

Anaaj Ki Nazakaat

Chef Raashika Kulshreshtha 

Sweet and warm dessert

The Millet Bomb

Chef Moumita Bhaumik

A simple, yet high-end hors d’oeuvre

Little Millet Kheer

Chef Vikas Chawla

A traditional dessert

Kodo in Khao Soi Sauce 

Chef Aman Prakash

Rich and creamy

Barnyard Millet with Fresh Pomegranate 

Chef Manjit Gill

A healthy twist on refined rice

Organic Tusli Honey infused Ragi and Banana Tea Cake 

Chef Jerson Fernandes 

A rich and sweet gluten free and vegan tea time treat

Makra Gatta Curry 

Chef Raunak Arora

A Marwar specialty

Barnyard Millet Arancini

Chef Satinder Shergill

A crispy and buttery delight

Navratri Bruschetta 

Chef Anahita Dhondy

Fresh and crispy

Millet Idli

Chef Vanshika Bhatia

A probiotic dream

Little Millets with Chicken Perilla and Assorted Seasonal Vegetables

Chef Shangreiwon Multhou

Healthy and Delicious

Spice Baked Aubergines & Millets

Chef Shridula Chatterjee

Promoting heart health

Multi Millet Chocolate Cookies

Chef Mamta Bist

A sweet, crunchy bite

Fox Tail Millet Uppuma

Chef Chandrajith Veliyath

South India’s favourite breakfast dish, with a twist

Barnyard Millet Kibbeh

Chef Tanya Joshi

A delicious staple with a twist

Banyard Millet Tikki with Green Peas

Chef Reetika Gill

A household staple

Multi Millet Bread Loaf

Chef Harpawan Singh Kapoor

Warm and Pillowy

Ragi Tacos with Spiced Pumpkin

Chef Tushar Malkani

Nutritional, fun and tasty

Ragi and Watermelon Pancakes

Dr Chef Pavinder Bali

Innovative and sustainable

Kodo Millet Samosa

Chef Gunjan Goela

A go-to snack

Roast Harissa Carrot and Kodo Millet

Chef Justin Horne

Warm and hearty

Caramel Millet Cake

Chef Kavitha Mantha

Deliciously Indulgent

Little Millet Curd Rice

Chef Sahajan

A delicious dish for even more health benefits

Makra Pulao

Chef Meenakshi Sumbly

Quick, easy and satisfying

Porso Quiche Lorraine

Chef Vipul Singhal

A savoury treat

Millet Mathri

Chef Shashank Gupta

A delicious, nutritious crunch

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