Tom is on a mission to have us all sourcing, cooking and eating in a way that helps fight food waste and prevent further climate change.

Tom’s manifesto, ‘Root to Fruit’ demonstrates how we can all become part of the solution, supporting a delicious, biodiverse and regenerative food system, giving us the skills and knowledge to shop, eat and cook sustainably, whilst eating healthier, better-tasting food for no extra cost.

Eating for Pleasure, People & Planet delves into the question of our times, ‘what is a sustainable diet?’ and gives us not only a solution but a manifesto to help us achieve this simply, with practical information and inspirational recipes for everyday cooking that consider how we farm, trade, eat and dispose of food.

Tom’s recipes are vibrant and celebratory, yet simple, nourishing and affordable and are all born out of extensive research and in line with the most up-to-date food sourcing guidelines. The chapters include – Morning Meals, Slow Food Fast: Lunch and Supper, A New Way With Salads, Family Meals and Feast Plates, Sweet Treats and the Larder.

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