Making and Identity in Oaxaca February 14, 2024


Event Description: Join Murmur Ring in Oaxaca for a four-day immersive experience exploring Making in Oaxaca with an intimate group of designers, chefs, artists, and strategists.

An immersion creates the real-world exposures, conditions, and practices necessary for a team to implement market-ready ideas—opportunities not afforded by meeting rooms and digital connection. Join us to explore solutions to sustainability and cultural challenges and gain new skills to change how you work. Experience includes lodging at boutique hotels, all food and drink, and hands-on experiences with local farmers, chefs, mezal producers, textile artists, and more.

About Murmur Ring: Murmur Ring is an immersive design agency.

We believe that in order to connect you have to disconnect. As the world charges toward increased digital connectivity, we have an amplified visceral need to move around, touch things, see things and exchange ideas in the real world. Shared tangible experiences foster trust, strategic alignment, and collaboration.

Murmur Ring helps organisations accomplish their strategic aims through immersive encounters, collective discourse, and storytelling.

Price: USD $5,000, includes hotel, food + drink, ground transportation, and all programming

Oaxaca, Mexico
Making and Identity in Oaxaca
  • Oaxaca, Mexico
  • February 14, 2024 February 17, 2024

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