Projects, tips and advice to shop, cook and eat in a more eco-conscious way

‘Abi Aspen Glencross and Sadhbh Moore have created a remarkable book. Unlike most kitchen books which are of the “goddess or culture genius variety, this most remarkable book is a journey for people coming fresh to the ideas of sustainability and indeed new cooking. This guide is not patronising or difficult, nor judgemental about failure but life-affirming in its joy at the experiment. In short, this book is the Mrs Beaton of the modern age. I can clearly imagine her beaming down seeing Abi and Sadhbh taking a generation in hand to get a form of agency in their lives, just as Isabella Beaton herself did in 1861. The book is a delight.’

Sir Tim Smit KBE, co-founder of the Eden Project

Sustainable Kitchen is a positive, practical handbook on how to shop, cook and eat in an ecologically sustainable way.
Founders of the Sustainable Food Story, Abi and Sadhbh, have put together tips and step-by- step projects on how to adapt your kitchen habits to a more eco-friendly way of life.
Whether you are unsure about the best places to shop, what to do with your leftover lemons or how best to clean your kitchen without impacting the environment, Sustainable Kitchen is the complete guide to changing the way you think about food and the kitchen, in a way that is healthier for you and healthier for the planet.
Having a sustainable approach to your kitchen will help you save money, connect to your community and produce better food, all whilst being kind to the planet.
With small changes to make those choices easier, and a few recipes along the way to help battle food waste, here are several achievable ways to start making a difference
5th April 2022 | White Lion Publishing £18| Hardback

White Lion Publishing is an imprint of The Quarto Group

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