“We began to see that the implementation of FMNR resulted in the tangible restoration of hope. Through the practice of FMNR and all that is involved in mobilising communities, communicating, planning, overcoming obstacles, working together towards a common goal, realising benefits and seeing changes in one’s difficult circumstances, hope emerged.
People’s dignity was restored before our eyes. Think of how soul-destroying it is for parents not to be able to adequately feed, clothe and educate their children. Year after year of poverty takes its toll, and too many farmers have low self-esteem and see no way out of their predicament.
Hopelessness sets in. One of the greatest bonuses I received for my work was to witness a precious transformation as hope was restored. When people stopped being victims, and began to hope, they were changed forever. People were being empowered and liberated.
FMNR does not create dependency. It is bottom-up development, putting individuals and communities firmly in the decision-making seat. When people comprehended the significance of FMNR there was often a spontaneous outburst of joy expressed through dancing, clapping, singing and laughing.
They began to believe in themselves, gain confidence and plan for the future. People who have hope for a better future will send their children to school and invest in improving their land and farming techniques, which will enhance benefits even more.”
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